Welcome to Darranis!

Published on 04.05.2018

We're happy to announce the release of the Darranis Adventure Pack for Earthdawn: The Age of Legend, now available in print and PDF from DriveThruRPG! Check it out below:

The end of the Scourge promised wealth and prosperity for many towns and cities across Barsaive. Darranis has been a boomtown for a while, with no signs of slowing down. As a vital link between Throal and the Serpent River, the town has turned from a small pre-Scourge village into a prospering center of trade and travel. But it is also a town divided between the haves and the have-nots, a safe haven and stopping point for many spies and smugglers. Despair lurks just underneath the tidy and busy surface...

Darranis is an adventure pack for Earthdawn: The Age of Legend. It contains a description of the the town and its importance for trade and travel between the Serpent River and Throal, three adventures set in and around Darranis, and a group of pre-generated characters waiting to be confronted with moral conflicts, corrupted magic items, and bitter rivalries!

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Das Zeitalter der Legenden

Published on 14.03.2018

The german translation of Earthdawn: The Age of Legend is almost ready and will be released shortly.

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Darranis Adventure Pack

Published on 06.03.2017

We're happy to announce that there is going to be a supplement for Earthdawn: The Age of Legend!

Darranis is an Adventure Pack consisting of two parts. The first part, designed using the Setting the Stage guidelines in Earthdawn: The Age of Legend, presents an overview of the town’s past and present, describes the town and its importance for trade and travel. The second part consists of three adventures set in and around Darranis. These adventures focus on the benefits of trade, but also on the town’s darker side. We will present them in a familiar format, so that you can easily convert them to your favorite edition of Earthdawn!

Grass Widows deals with the exploitation of a workforce by its employers, and the troubles in which this places the workers’ families. The player characters are prompted to make moral decisions, mediate in the conflict, and prevent all out civil unrest. 

In Tainted Goods, an inexplicable public massacre draws the player characters into investigating a tainted item, leading them to a Horror-tainted merchant spreading his corrupted merchandise across Barsaive. 

Ale Run appears to be a straightforward caravan escort to Throal, but draws the player characters into the rivalries between Darranis brewers while on the road.

The text is in the final stages of editing, and will be moved to layout shortly. There is no release date yet, so assume a release in summer or fall this year!


Published on 14.12.2016

Artwork by Kathy SchadAdepts rarely face the dangers of Barsaive alone. In addition to their adventuring group, many adepts surround themselves with loyal animal companions. Known as familiars, these creatures share a strong bond with their master—almost similar to the one between a Cavalryman and his mount. Those ties are sealed with a familiar oath and infuse the familiar with the adept's magic and other special abilities. Familiars are most common with Beastmaster and Magician characters but may serve adepts of any Discipline.

Spell Matrices

Published on 23.09.2016

Art by Kathy SchadOne of the features of the Earthdawn setting is the magician's use of spell matrices, to protect them from the harmful magical energies and astral taint the Horrors brought into the world. In the Step System, spell matrices mainly serve as a mechanic for restricting the number of spells a magician can cast safely. The simple rules in Earthdawn: The Age of Legend do not necessarily require restricting spells, so the use of spell matrices is implicit: there is no mechanical impact unless your story has actual demand for such detail.

Some of you still want spell matrices to be more prominent in their games, however, so the following optional rules add mechanical detail to all magician characters. They also change the way spells affect the narrative of your game.