Published on 14.12.2016

Artwork by Kathy SchadAdepts rarely face the dangers of Barsaive alone. In addition to their adventuring group, many adepts surround themselves with loyal animal companions. Known as familiars, these creatures share a strong bond with their master—almost similar to the one between a Cavalryman and his mount. Those ties are sealed with a familiar oath and infuse the familiar with the adept's magic and other special abilities. Familiars are most common with Beastmaster and Magician characters but may serve adepts of any Discipline.

Spell Matrices

Published on 23.09.2016

Art by Kathy SchadOne of the features of the Earthdawn setting is the magician's use of spell matrices, to protect them from the harmful magical energies and astral taint the Horrors brought into the world. In the Step System, spell matrices mainly serve as a mechanic for restricting the number of spells a magician can cast safely. The simple rules in Earthdawn: The Age of Legend do not necessarily require restricting spells, so the use of spell matrices is implicit: there is no mechanical impact unless your story has actual demand for such detail.

Some of you still want spell matrices to be more prominent in their games, however, so the following optional rules add mechanical detail to all magician characters. They also change the way spells affect the narrative of your game.

Playtest Review

Published on 21.09.2016

Teilzeithelden.de just published a german-language playtest review of the game. In case you wonder, the german translation is well underway (two thirds have been moved to editing already, with the remaining chapters following soon).

The review also links to an automated Excel character sheet created by the author (in english!).

Group Sheet

Published on 15.07.2016

When you're running with an Oath-bound or a Named Group, you'll want a way to record the groups game statictics. For this, we have added a Group Sheet to the Resources page! 

Click here to download!

Thread Magic

Published on 20.06.2016

The magical energy flowing through the world of Earthdawn can be separated into strands called threads, and one of the unique applications of the workings of magic is the use of thread magic. Adepts can use thread magic to activate a Legendary Item’s abilities, magicians use thread magic to supply the power needed for their spells, and groups use it to unite their fates for a common goal.