The Age of Legend is here!

Published on 15.04.2016

The wait is over: we're happy to announce that Earthdawn: The Age of Legend is now available! The game offers a break from the traditional rules—a lightweight alternative to Earthdawn’s own Step System, which has been around in various editions since 1992. Propagating a widely different style of play, it caters to a different audience.

Our desire was to create something new for both Earthdawn veterans as well as for other people newly interested in the setting: a game that is easy to learn and easy to teach. Earthdawn: The Age of Legend was designed for one shots, convention games, casual or irregular campaigns, and for those wanting to play and seeking an easy system adapted to the rich setting of Earthdawn.

The rules in Earthdawn: The Age of Legend are relatively simple and straightforward, allowing for a great deal of flexibility when it comes to character design and power. You can start play quickly with a bunch of novice adepts, but you can also run a game with master adepts at the height of their abilities. The rules for character advancement are a part of the background (adding a lot to game's flavor) and will appear familiar to veterans of the original game.
You can get the book in various formats at DriveThruRPG.

Click here for a PDF Preview.

From the book's back cover:

Before science, before history, an era of magic existed in our world's dim past. Magic flowed freely, touching every aspect of the lives of men and women of the Namegiver races. Bold heroes from all across the land band together, arming themselves with powerful magical spells and treasures, ready to fight for life and freedom. It was an age of fantastical deeds and mythical stories.

It was the Age of Legend.

Earthdawn: The Age of Legend is a roleplaying game set in a world of high adventure, high magic, and terrible danger. Story-based mechanics, easy to learn and intuitive to use, allow you to create exciting stories about powerful adepts in this ancient era of heroes. This book contains all the rules you need to play, including an introduction to the world of Earthdawn.

Dice & Karma Tokens

Published on 12.04.2016

The following article shows you what dice to use in Earthdawn: The Age of Legend, and gives an example on how to customize them. Karma is used quite a lot too, so having a bowl of Karma Tokens at your table is highly recommended. 


PDF Preview

Published on 28.03.2016

Happy Easter wishes to everyone! The release of the book is looming on the horizon, so here is a PDF preview of the book's covers, credits, table of contents, and the Getting Started chapter. Enjoy!

Example of Play

Published on 29.02.2016

One of the scenes that happened to our sample character Ilareon after he arrived in Spencer Hill after his falling-out with the Warrior Gwen was the one given in the Example of Play below. It will give you a good idea of how the game feels at the table.

Gamemaster: You suddenly wake up in the dead of the night. You're not sure what woke you, but you are unable to go back to sleep.

Ilareon: I'd definitely try. It has been a long day.

Gamemaster: You roll around for a bit, but to no avail. You are wide awake.

Ilareon: Okay, I get up. What are my companions doing? *looks around the game table, the other players shrug* 

Sample Character

Published on 27.01.2016

The following character was played in one of our playtesting sessions last year. As an elf haunted by his past, Ilareon is a new arrival in Spencer Hill, a remote mining town on the edge of the Caucavic Mountains. He hopes to find other adventurers aiding him in his quest.

We'll use this character for an upcoming example of play, which will also shed more light on some of the stats and abilities you'll find in here.