Sample Character

Published on 27.01.2016

The following character was played in one of our playtesting sessions last year. As an elf haunted by his past, Ilareon is a new arrival in Spencer Hill, a remote mining town on the edge of the Caucavic Mountains. He hopes to find other adventurers aiding him in his quest.

We'll use this character for an upcoming example of play, which will also shed more light on some of the stats and abilities you'll find in here.

Ilareon the Haunted

Concept: Elf Nethermancer
Circle of Mastery: Journeyman


Ilareon has long black hair and dark eyes. His stern look is accompanied by a deep scar on his right cheek, a testament to the terrible events of his past. He wears dark clothing under a bright robe with a legendary heritage and magic ability.


Where do you come from?
Kaer Dorzak was my home for many years. I had found my love Coryn and had no desire to leave. When the kaer opened its doors last year, a Horror woke from his waiting sleep. Kaer Dorzak fell after all, but I escaped. The Horror is hunting me, using Coryn as his avatar.

What do you want?
The official version is that I am in need of orichalcum. Spencer Hill is the right place to get it. What I don't tell is that I have proof that the legendary Staff of the Everdying is located in the mines. I need it to free my beloved Coryn from the Horror's claws.

What is stopping you?
The Horror that has possessed the love of my life Coryn, which is haunting me since the events in Kaer Dorzak. A first expedition into the mines failed because of that. Now there is the Warrior Gwen, making me responsible for the failure of that expedition. I should have known better than to get in league with such a brainless thug.

What will you do?
I’d do everything short of selling my own soul to free Coryn and get her back. I’d have second thoughts about betraying my companions, but otherwise—the ends justify the means, right?

Character Tags

Body: Haughty
Personality: Eloquent and Arrogant
Edge: Persuasive
Flaw: Paranoid


Animal Possession*, Converse with the Dead*, Frighten, Healing*, Lifesight*, Read/Write Magic, Steel Thought*


Animate Skeleton, Blood Servitor, Bone Dance, Last Chance, Bone Shatter

Racial Ability

Low-Light Vision


Investigation, Riding, Tattooing


Astral Sensitive Eye, Quarterstaff w/Lightquartz, Burning Robe of the Scarlet Sea, Firestarter


Gwen (Enemy): This human Warrior wants to get back at me for the failure of the first expedition I took into the mines a few weeks back. He’s always a few steps behind me, though.

Goron (Friend): On my way to Spencer Hill, I befriended this dwarf. He won’t say what he actually wants there, because it’s definitely not the metal he’s after. I enjoy our agitated discussions, probably because we’re so different in pretty much everything. And he’s sharp-minded, even though I wouldn’t admit it.

Indan (Neutral): My favorite Travarian Merchant Amara put me in contact with this aged human. He’s a local, but probably knows his way around the mines.


Pool: 4
Points Available: 4


Wound Slots: 2

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