Example of Play

Published on 29.02.2016

One of the scenes that happened to our sample character Ilareon after he arrived in Spencer Hill after his falling-out with the Warrior Gwen was the one given in the Example of Play below. It will give you a good idea of how the game feels at the table.

Gamemaster: You suddenly wake up in the dead of the night. You're not sure what woke you, but you are unable to go back to sleep.

Ilareon: I'd definitely try. It has been a long day.

Gamemaster: You roll around for a bit, but to no avail. You are wide awake.

Ilareon: Okay, I get up. What are my companions doing? *looks around the game table, the other players shrug* 

You check the other beds, they're empty. The door is halfway open as well.

Ilareon: What? Something bad must be going on for sure! I slip into my robes, grab my staff and cautiously approach the door. Do I hear anything?

Gamemaster: The tavern is completely silent.

Ilareon: I slip through the half-open door to avoid any creaking noises, and make my way down to the tavern room. Can I spot anything unusual? I have Low-light Vision and Investigation.

Gamemaster: Roll 'em!

Ilareon: *dice clatter* "No, ..." But the + on my bonus dice turn this into a straight "Yes, ..."!

Gamemaster: The main room of the tavern is dark, as usual for this time of the night. Only the moonshine sheds some light through the roof windows. A dozen Namegivers lie around—on the floor near the fireplace, some still sitting at the tables with their heads down. At first glance, this looks like a normal night, some guests staying for the night. But yes, you notice something unusual: there is no snoring whatsoever!

Ilareon: I'll approach the person closest to me, and touch it. Is the person alive?

Gamemaster: No need to roll dice. The person is cold. There's also a dark sticky liquid everywhere, looks like blood. Everywhere.

Ilareon: Uh-oh.

Other Player: Turn on the light, man. You have a lightquartz on your staff!

Gamemaster: Shhh, you're not there.

Ilareon: Nah, I prefer darkness right now. But I'll activate my Lifesight talent to check if anyone in this room is alive. Here's a Karma Point. *drops a token into the bowl in the middle of the table*

Gamemaster: You concentrate and close your eyes, opening them again with an altered vision. Walking through the room, you check on all Namegivers. You quickly realize that no one in this room—apart from yourself—is alive.

Ilareon: I'll be damned. Kneeling down near the fireplace, I'll touch one of the dead guys and use my Converse with the Dead talent. Let's find out what happened. *grabs dice*

Gamemaster: Just as you are about to touch the body before you, you hear a creaking sound from upstairs. There's a silhouette standing on the top of the stairs, staring down at you with gleaming white eyes. It's Coryn, and she's grinning.

Ilareon: ...

Gamemaster: At the same time, the tavern door is kicked open and a handful of thugs enter the room with swords drawn. They are led by Gwen, the Warrior.

Ilareon: I'm out of words. But I'll point at the staircase, so he can see for himself.

Gamemaster: Gwen glances to the stairs for a split second, but no one's there anymore. He yells: "I knew it. You are a Horror-touched murderer. This blood is on your hands! DIE, FIEND! He rushes towards you in a fast, gliding motion, sword over his head.

Ilareon: Ieeek! Can I evade and make a dash behind the bar?

Gamemaster: Let’s look at the modifiers. Gwen is Fast and a skilled Warrior—that's two penalty dice. You're also kneeling, which gives him an advantage. So, three penalty dice total.

Ilareon: Ugh, that's heavy. I'll need to burn Karma then. I'll counter two of those dice and hope to get lucky. *dice clatter* "No, but..."

Gamemaster: Very well. Gwen drops down on you, slashing his sword across your back while you attempt a jump forward towards the bar. However, he crashes into a table, turning it to splinters. You make it behind the bar into cover, but you receive a Wound.

Ilareon: I'll note a Slashing Cut under Conditions, marking it as a Wound. I need to escape. There are dead bodies all over the place and I am the only living person here. I'll end up dead if they catch me. Where the heck are my companions?! *looks around the table, receiving more shrugs from the other players*

Gamemaster: The thugs and Gwen slowly surround the bar, ready to take you on. What do you do?

Ilareon: Is there a trapdoor?

Gamemaster: There is, but it likely just leads into the small cellar and nowhere else.

Ilareon: The damage is done. I think some more can't hurt. I'll prepare a Bone Shatter spell for all of them.

Other Player: Good luck on that with only one point of Karma left.

Ilareon: Let's see. I'll need three Karma to hit all five of them. So I'm two Karma points short. I'd rather not use Blood Magic, so that leaves me to spend more time preparing the spell. Can I delay them for two turns?

Gamemaster: How exactly? Remember that you need to prepare the spell at the same time. Anything you do will result in penalty dice when casting the spell, in addition to the Wound you’ve taken already. They are approaching the bar from all sides.

Ilareon: I have to take that risk. I keep my head down while preparing the spell and shout out to the Warrior as sincere as I can: "Gwen, this is not what it looks like! You are all in extreme danger!" I am Persuasive.

Gamemaster: I think that’ll do. The thugs and Gwen stop their approach for a brief moment, then they advance with more caution. Chairs are drawn aside, you hear them whispering.

Ilareon: Long enough for me to finish the spell?

Gamemaster: You get those two turns, yes. Gwen shouts back: "Show yourself and talk, fiend! That's your only chance!"

Ilareon: Okay, I stand up and make cracking sounds. Can I cast Bone Shatter on all of them?

Other Player: Oh damn!

Gamemaster: You get two penalty dice for your casting roll. One for your Wound and one because you were talking while preparing the spell.

Ilareon: *shakes dice* Come on... *dice clatter* "Yes, but..." Phew!

Gamemaster: You stand up; the thugs and Gwen are very close to the bar. You can't see all of them at the same time, however, because they stand apart, blocking all your escape routes. You have only four of them in your line of sight at all times.

Ilareon: I make sure Gwen is among them.

Gamemaster: Your eyes meet as you release the spell. You let your cracking sounds fade, as they are replaced by the cracking of real bones—they fall Prone, screaming in agony! The leftover thug stares at his companions in horror!

Ilareon: I run. Out. As fast as I possibly can. Out of town, really. Where are my companions when I need them? *shakes fist*

Gamemaster: You escape into the night!

Ilareon: *stands up* I need something from the fridge. Anyone else?

Gamemaster: Meanwhile, the rest of you wake up. Combat noise followed by terrible screams can be heard from the tavern room. You notice Ilareon is missing.

Other Player: I head down as fast as possible, my weapons drawn! *motions the rest of the group to follow*

Gamemaster: You approach the stairs down to the main tavern. The tavern is well-lit by lightquartzes and candles. You spot a Gwen and a few of his henchmen being treated by a Questor of Garlen. Gwen is gritting his teeth in pain while talking to the tavern owner and a couple of guardsmen.

Other Player: What about the dead people?

Gamemaster: There are none. The guests who had been sleeping in the tavern room are awake now. Someone had spilled a lot of wine, however, which looks a bit like bloodshed.

Other Player: Let’s sneak out through the backdoor and find Ilareon before anyone else does. He’s probably out sleepwalking again…