Table or Shelf?

Published on 15.04.2016 | Updated on 19.04.2016

Using DrivethruRPGs excellent print services, we produce almost all of our books in various formats in terms of quality. This allows you to pick the one that serves your needs and budget best. 

Here is an overview on what we have to offer:

Standard Print

The Standard print option is the cheapest one. We offer it in both soft- and hardcover. The paper used is the same* as for premium (70lb), and the ink coverage is very light. As a result, the colors won't be as sharp or bright as in a Premium book. The books still look good and hold up to regular use—better and more compact DIY than printouts—but you can see and feel that this is the cheap option. (You don't see that on the covers as much, by the way, so a standard hardcover looks still great on the shelf!) 

Get the Standard option if...

  •   ...your budget is limited.
  • care about the content, but not about shiny looks.
  • want a second book for use at the gaming table (where you are comfortable with it being near food and drinks).


Premium Print

The Premium print option comes with much richer and more vibrant colors on thick paper (70lb). The ink saturation is heavier and thus the color pages look a little brighter and the contrast is much more powerful. We offer it in both soft- and hardcover. This quality is pretty much what you are used to and expect from a printed book. While this is not extraordinary, it is indeed good-looking. 

Get the Premium option if...

  •   ...the look and feel of the book matter to you as much as the content.
  • want a book for reading and your bookshelf.

The image below shows the color saturation on both interiors—Standard is on top, Premium below.


Find some more examples over at DriveThruRPG: Standard Color vs. Premium Color.

*) We started switching to heavier paper in April for all of our products, it was 50lb before.