Published on 01.05.2016

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Errata for Version 20160403

General - Fixed a number of typos. Thanks to Casubon, Timothee Gautheron, and Sophia Brandt for catching and submitting these!

  •   p.14 - Missing line at the end of the page: "...pre-Scourge elven culture or..."
  •   p.97 - Clarification: Support talents usually supplement or add an effect to a task you can also perform without using a talent.
  •   p.100 - Bank Shot: The Duration entry is "One attack"
  •   p.189 - The Air Galleon only has a single Fire Cannon.
  •   p.190 - The Kila and Behemoth stats miss Scale entries for various weapons: Fire Cannons and Catapults are Vedette-Scale, Archers are Personal-Scale.
  •   p.200 - The Hydra and the Wyvern stats miss the "Scale: Drakkar" entry.
  •   p.201 - The Common Dragon stats miss the "Scale: Vedette" entry.
  •   p.205 - The Gnasher stats miss the "Scale: Boat" entry.