A First Glance

Published on 21.12.2015

Here's a small preview of the layout. It's still work in progress, so the end result might look a bit different from what you see here:

Sample pages from the book

The book—planned as 8.5"x8.5"-sized hard- and softcover—will come out at approximately 232 pages in total. It is organized into three sections and contains the following chapters:

  • Getting Started
  • An Earthdawn Primer
  • Traits
  • Beating the Odds
  • Running the Game
  • Setting the Stage
  • Character Creation
  • Disciplines
  • Talents
  • Spells
  • Equipment
  • Experience & Advancement
  • Airships & Riverboats
  • Creatures & Adversaries
  • Passions & Questors
  • Appendix

The first part discusses the setting background and core mechanics used to run the game—the information that tells you how to play. Starting off with An Earthdawn Primer, you get a basic overview of the game world. Traits discusses the basic building blocks player characters are made of, Beating the Odds describes how to roll and interpret the dice, and Running the Game discusses how you set a scene as well as providing advice and guidelines for the gamemaster.

The second part of the book contains everything you need to create your own characters, the places they will frequently visit, and the people they will meet. The Setting the Stage chapter gets everyone started building the main environment you will be playing in, while Character Creation shows you how to build the actual heroes of the game. The Disciplines, Talents, Spells, and Equipment chapters contain additional information you need to reference when building your characters and settings for them. Finally, Experience & Advancement provides a simple framework to improve your characters over the course of several adventures.

The last part of the book provides rules and game statistics for vehicles and the opposition, mainly in the Airships & Riverboats and Creatures & Adversaries chapters. Passions & Questors details the twelve Passions worshipped by the people of Barsaive, and adds options for player characters wanting to become questors. The Appendix holds information on Earthdawn background material you can use with this game, as well as various sheets for your games (including the Stage and Character Sheets), and an index for easy reference.