Patreon Update

Published on 17.03.2017

Approaching our tenth release in the Bits & Pieces article series (the infamous Gruffer, see below), we've been thinking about the future of it. Along with our Patrons, we decided to add some preview material. We're currently developing a series of Elite Paths for the game, with advanced options and new game material for higher-Order Mystics. The first of these will be dedicated to the Spellslinger Path--three career options, new powers, new spells, and rules for ritual magic.

Such a "special issue" would go way beyond the 2-4 page format for the previous articles. The pledges would still go towards illustrations--but not neccessarily for this one. The first installment is on its way, we're cleaning up the last bits and bobs in the final stages of development. You'll likely see it released in May or June.

Up next (for April 1st, no joke!) is the Gruffer, a large and rusty carrier specialized in smuggling goods and people from and to Gateway Station. The old freighter is filled with spiked spiritech and the spirits aboard roam freely. This article features the background of this ship, game stats, and an adventure hook for use in your equinox games. It will also feature a new illustration funded by our generous patrons.

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