Bits & Pieces: The Renegade's Swords

Published on 03.05.2017

“Having grown up in Sol, I know it’s opportune to have a knife on your belt. Frequently used as a tool, less frequently for eating, and sometimes for backup in a fight. And, let’s face it, for that extra edge in a brawl with that idiot who left his at home. I noticed that Vagrants who hailed from Consortium space often went beyond a simple knife and carried larger implements, though. Once, I was challenged to a formal duel, ‘with swords, Sir, at Marsrise!’ So, I had to look into the matter. Here’s a starting point. I invite you all to share your insight to further my studies.” —Terson Hobbes, Seeker of the Third Order

This article covers the use of melee weaponry among Consortium exiles and a list of new melee weapons for use in your equinox games, featuring a new illustration funded by our generous patrons!

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