Playtest Special: Spellslingers

Published on 01.06.2017

"Master Slingers. Heh. I have heard a lot of spacefarers yarn in the decades I spent in Sol, but I truly believe these that follow are actual children's tales. There is no substantial scientific information about any of these so-called ‘Elites,’ and I doubt the Protectorate and Consortium would let such powerful individuals roam the 'Belt freely. They let the Vagrants have Sol, but that doesn't mean they don't keep tabs on the guys threatening the balance of power. So yeah, they'd take care of anyone who'd display such abilities. Take this as a lesson, man: don't embrace every word you hear on the space lanes."
— Sharuf, Dock Worker

This article is the playtest version of the Spellslinger Elite Paths supplement game material for your equinox game. Its designed to present your Spellslinger characters with more options for advancement and even greater power.

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