Culture Spotlight: Technology

Published on 01.09.2017

“Golden Age technology is often regarded as the holy grail of technological progress and achievements. While it is true that our past’s nethertech is a dangerous marvel to us, and its mundane devices surpass current ones in many aspects, the Golden Age was a naively peaceful era of foolishly high levels of astral energy. Modern designs and creations are much more suited to confronting the challenges we face today!
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the newest weapon of the Gagant Pulsar line—the
Brack 3 Shift-Pulsar cannon.” — Speech at a Weapons Demonstration, Nim Station

Technology in the Equinox Universe is as diverse as its people and cultures. Its achievements cover every aspect of human life, especially those elements reflective of life in the cold void of space.

This new entry in our Bits & Pieces article series provides a better understanding of technology as an expression of each culture and era. It also features sample tech for use in your games as well as a new illustration funded by our generous patrons!

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