The Inner Ring (Part One)

Published on 30.04.2018

When one imagines the sheer scope of Gateway Station, it’s easy to see the home of the Protectorate as a gleaming ring of military and industrial activity. Perhaps, if one watches the glut of Signal programming following the stories of the Bowels-Division Prime Guard, it seems like a dark network of crime and corruption clinging to the remnants of once-glorious Earth. But these two visions—widespread as they are—leave out the most important facet of the jewel of the Protectorate: the Inner Ring. In spite of nearly fifty years of providing the very best in living, working, and playing to its denizens, the Inner Ring remains a mystery to those beyond its luxurious comforts.

That all ends now! Join me and my broadcast crew as we embark on a six-part odyssey into the pinnacle of wealth and opportunity that, so often, has been shielded from the hungry gaze of our viewers. I’m Argentine Alura, and I’ll be your host for this revolutionary programming block: “The Inner Ring: Revealed.”

“Everyone who belongs in the Inner Ring is already in the Inner Ring—it’s only mysterious to the lazy worker-class and criminal Vagrants. Showing our bounty to those outsiders only encourages their indolent whining or their felonious enterprises! When I find the producer who authorized this broadcast, I’ll have his spleen for dinner. Shut it down. I don’t care how much we have invested in production—Shut. It. Down.”
—Kaylar D’ves, Chairman: Singulare Board of Directors

The Inner Ring is the second chapter in the Gateway Station and the Protectorate sourcebook. It features a description of the expansive territory that lines the inward-facing surface of Gateway Station—home of the rich and powerful elite of the Protectorate. Learn more about the Artifax Commission, the grand terraniums, daily life in the plexes, and much more!

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