The Inner Ring (Part Two)

Published on 04.06.2018

The Inner Ring—that expansive territory that lines the inward-facing surface of Gateway—was designed to provide comfort, security, and luxury to the most prominent citizens of the Protectorate. Facing the loss of Earth, the people of Sol had no choice but to become pioneers and innovators.

Those who serve the Protectorate well—and who doesn’t?—find themselves able to enjoy all of the comforts of planetary living with all of the benefits of being attached to one of the busiest commercial and transit hubs in the universe. For those who have moved up to the Inner Ring, the days of being surrounded by the grim grittiness of militaristic police forces and the cold, grimy, overcrowded streets of the lower levels are a thing of the past. The sedate, almost idyllic, lifestyle of the Inner Ring serves as a perpetual reminder of the civility with which the people of the Golden Age tamed the known worlds.

The Inner Ring is the second chapter in the Gateway Station and the Protectorate sourcebook. Learn more about the expansive territory that lines the inward-facing surface of Gateway Station—home of the rich and powerful elite of the Protectorate!

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