Playtest Special: Peacekeepers

Published on 01.07.2018

“He had a dagger as long as my forearm, pointing it towards me as an open threat. I said: ‘Dude, let’s meet up and talk this through. I’m playing at the Grand tonight. If you want to carve me up afterwards, that’s as good a time as any. He agreed, and we met up at the Grand to talk and had many, many drinks. He did not carve me up afterwards, obviously.
We didn’t become friends either. I shot him a few days later on a different matter. Troublemakers be troublemakers. Better deal with them right away.”


This article is the playtest version of the Peacekeeper Elite Paths supplement game material for your equinox game: the Guardian, the Marshal, and the Retributor. It's designed to present your Peacekeeper characters with more options for advancement and even greater power, and includes new abilities and gear. The file also includes an illustration funded by our generous Patrons!

Next month, we'll continue our journey on Gateway Station with a (rather massive!) chapter on the Bowels.

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