Equinox Bits & Pieces: Spike

Published on 04.10.2016

Featuring the first piece of artwork funded by our generous patrons, this issue of our Bits & Pieces article series introduces a secret ingredient of Vagrant society, a weird substance oiling the gears of their chaotic lifestyle. Because who cares about side effects?

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Match System Guide PDF Update

Published on 14.09.2016

The PDF of the Equinox Match System Guide has been updated with proper bookmarks and layers for easier printing. The PDF has also been recompiled to display on more readers and comes in a smaller file size. We squashed a number of smaller errata along the way.

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Culture Spotlight: Names

Published on 31.08.2016

In this article of our Bits & Pieces series, we provide broad guidelines for naming members of the various subspecies. It contains ideas, advice, and examples on how to name your player and gamemaster characters. It also lists the various names common to each of the Consortium Members, including the names of the stars, main planets and Ravaged Worlds.

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Published on 01.08.2016

The second entry in our Bits & Pieces series, a mysterious lore merchant Named Kamulba, has just been published on patreon.com. Based out of a restaurant at the heart of the protectorate, he can serve in various roles in your campaigns—both as an ally and an enemy.

Again, there is no artwork in this one. But the funds start to add up, getting us closer to this goal for a future article!

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Equinox Reviewed

Published on 06.07.2016

Here's a nice review of both the Equinox Setting and Match System Guides, covering each in detail.

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Reaver Stone

Published on 01.07.2016

The first entry in our Bits & Pieces series, an ancient spiritech item called "Reaver Stone", has just been published on patreon.com. The relic should provide you and your group with an instant adventure or two.

There is no artwork in this one obviously, but we'll save the funds we've been getting for future articles.

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The Bits & Pieces Article Series

Published on 29.06.2016

The equinox setting has been out for a while and we're eager to publish more material to support it. As a small press publisher, our team is dedicated to the cause and is—while working on source material and adventures—creating a series of articles we'd like to release as an ongoing monthly series of supplemental game material. 

All articles will be made publicly available to spread the word and keep the equinox community growing. However, we need support to finance the artwork in this series. And that's where you come in! Your faith in us will help building the ongoing budget and will provide you with several benefits! 

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Limited FU Dicesets — Preorder Now!

Published on 03.06.2016

We are going to create a limited run of customized dicesets for use with our FU-based games, the Equinox Storygame and Earthdawn: The Age of Legend. Each set will consist of a single main die and a total of six bonus and penalty dice. More bonus/penalty dice will be available, but optional. Find images of the dice below! 

Because this is our first foray into creating custom dice, and doing so is everything but cheap, we'll use a preorder process to make these dice sets happen. Follow the steps outlined below to secure your set!

The Elements of the Game

Published on 01.06.2016

FU GamesIn this article, we will be exploring the core elements of our FU-based games, Equinox (using the Equinox Storygame Guide) and Earthdawn: The Age of Legend. We will identify the thoughts behind the game design, going beyond the unique resolution mechanics that only appear to be at the center of it all.

When composing adventures in traditional roleplaying games, many gamemasters approach design from an event-centered point of view, trying to arrange events happening in the adventures into a pre-determined order. However, even with a few triggers and if/else combinations, the structure of adventures written this way is very rigid. Such a rigid structure makes it hard for the gamemaster to adapt the adventure to his players’ needs, often leading to frustration when railroading them to his intended goal or shutting their ideas down until they have one that meet his line of thinking.

Sounds familiar? We have all been there at some point. 

Meet us at the RPC 2016!

Published on 23.05.2016

We'll be at the RolePlay Convention 2016 in Cologne this coming weekend (May 28+29).  

Find us in Hall 10.2, Booth F-104!

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