Subspecies: Gor

Published on 28.03.2017

The mystical forces of the universe have a direct influence on the human genome. Humans born in the presence of a mystic field, which before the invention of mystic field generators meant those born on a planet with a mystic cycle, sometimes belong to a subspecies.

In the Equinox Universe, many different subspecies have arisen and become extinct over the course of history. This article series features the accounts of members of the various subspecies, each discussing his own people. Naturally subjective and colored by individual experience, we picked those holding true to the most common opinion.

Patreon Update

Published on 17.03.2017

Approaching our tenth release in the Bits & Pieces article series (the infamous Gruffer, see below), we've been thinking about the future of it. Along with our Patrons, we decided to add some preview material. We're currently developing a series of Elite Paths for the game, with advanced options and new game material for higher-Order Mystics. The first of these will be dedicated to the Spellslinger Path--three career options, new powers, new spells, and rules for ritual magic.

Such a "special issue" would go way beyond the 2-4 page format for the previous articles. The pledges would still go towards illustrations--but not neccessarily for this one. The first installment is on its way, we're cleaning up the last bits and bobs in the final stages of development. You'll likely see it released in May or June.

Up next (for April 1st, no joke!) is the Gruffer, a large and rusty carrier specialized in smuggling goods and people from and to Gateway Station. The old freighter is filled with spiked spiritech and the spirits aboard roam freely. This article features the background of this ship, game stats, and an adventure hook for use in your equinox games. It will also feature a new illustration funded by our generous patrons.

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Bits & Pieces: Vagrant Station

Published on 01.03.2017

This Fiasco playset for equinox takes you to the far future and out into space! Whether it’s a small, cramped-up space station you create or a vibrant trade-port on an asteroid that even holds an artificial atmosphere, the stories they tell are alike. They aren’t about the exciting adventures of brave starship captains, witty space smugglers, or courageous heroes. Here, tired shift workers, bored prostitutes, and overly ambitious station guards stand in the spotlight.

These stories are about their needs, their wants, and their poor decision making!

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Demonic Masks

Published on 01.02.2017

“I've acquired many rare items and .... interesting... artifacts over the years, but none have brought me so much trouble as this mask. So yeah, go ahead and take it from me. Seal your own doom.” —Tamar, Merchant

The relics known as Demonic Masks are a hidden threat to civilization and order, offering their owners quick and easy access to tremendous powers while hiding their demonic nature. This source of many atrocious crimes can be used in many ways to spark adventures for your games! This article also features a new illustration funded by our generous patrons.

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Equinox Markets and Trade

Published on 02.01.2017

"If you think we’re mercenaries or heroes, you’re on the wrong boat. You telling us that pirates raided a freighter with much-needed medical supplies for Sanctoria does NOT mean we’ll hunt those suckers down. That means Sanctoria is still in need of medical supplies—and desperate. And we just happen to have an empty cargo hold. What does that tell you?" —Tay-ar Tori, an Honest Trader

Markets and Trade is a set of optional rules you can use to portray trade connections between stations and characterize the markets your characters visit--especially useful if your group includes a Merchant character!

This article also features a new illustration funded by our generous patrons.

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Equinox Bits & Pieces: Pirate Scum

Published on 01.12.2016

"Don't get me wrong; not every single one of them is a filthy, cursing, backstabbing, deceiving, stealing, murdering, pathetic lowlife excuse of an existence... not at all. If you’re lucky you can still run into a decent pirate nowadays. The tricky part is to tell the good ones from the bad ones." —Kamulba, Chef at the Red Palace, Gateway Station

This article features a "special holiday" adventure hook, game statistics for pirate scum game master characters, and an illustration funded by our generous patrons!

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Equinox Bits & Pieces: Arch Bot

Published on 01.11.2016

Supporting treasure hunters, archeologists, or scavengers out in the field, arch bots are AI-controlled hoverbots developed and manufactured in Sol. Customizable and invaluable to any Vagrant in the 'Belt and beyond, seasoned scavengers guard their archs like treasures—they hold all the routes, secret paths and coordinates of their past trips in their sealed memory core.

This Bits & Pieces article introduces a new bot for use in your adventures and features a piece of artwork funded by our generous patrons!


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Equinox Bits & Pieces: Spike

Published on 04.10.2016

Featuring the first piece of artwork funded by our generous patrons, this issue of our Bits & Pieces article series introduces a secret ingredient of Vagrant society, a weird substance oiling the gears of their chaotic lifestyle. Because who cares about side effects?

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Match System Guide PDF Update

Published on 14.09.2016

The PDF of the Equinox Match System Guide has been updated with proper bookmarks and layers for easier printing. The PDF has also been recompiled to display on more readers and comes in a smaller file size. We squashed a number of smaller errata along the way.

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Culture Spotlight: Names

Published on 01.09.2016

In this article of our Bits & Pieces series, we provide broad guidelines for naming members of the various subspecies. It contains ideas, advice, and examples on how to name your player and gamemaster characters. It also lists the various names common to each of the Consortium Members, including the names of the stars, main planets and Ravaged Worlds.

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