Storygame Guide Options

Published on 15.04.2016

We have updated the print options for the Equinox Storygame Guide to include Hardcovers and Softcovers in both Standard and Premium print quality (check this article for the differences).

In addition, we have added a new PDF containing a number of optional rules for the game. For those who haven't purchased the PDF at DriveThruRPG, find a copy in the Resources section (or click here).

Storygame Guide Licensing Update

Published on 08.04.2016

The Equinox Storygame Guide was built upon the FU rules framework by Nathan Russel, who made it available under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY, check for more information). 

We're happy to announce that all rules and rules extensions created by us are now available under the same terms. To be able to use this material, add the following text to your and the FU: The Freeform/Universal RPG copyright notices: 

Additional material by Vagrant Workshop (, licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license ( 

The credit must be easily accessible and visible to your audience. 

So what can you do with it? This allows you to remix, tweak, and build upon the rules material in the Equinox Storygame Guide for commercial and noncommercial purposes, as long as you credit us and Nathan Russell. To give an example: while you cannot simply copy and share the entire book, you can use it as a rules system for your own game world. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch when in doubt; we’ll be glad to help!

New Sheets and Summaries

Published on 17.03.2016

We have updated the character sheets in our downloads section to printer-friendly versions. 

You'll also find updated Setting Creation Sheets, Group Sheets, Vehicle Sheets, Adversary Sheets, and the Match System's Rule Summaries here. We have also added downloads for the Equinox Storygame Guide.

Click here to download!

Earth's Lost Children

Published on 05.02.2016

Ancient Earth boasted a wider array of subspecies than any other world encountered so far, a circumstance scientists attribute to Earth’s nature as a nexus.

Since the Great Netherwar, however, humans have begun settling Earth’s astral field again, and a small number of individuals from Earth’s ancient subspecies have resurfaced as children of these settlers.

This article profiles the lost subspecies known as elves, dwarfs, and goblins and features the game information to play them in your equinox games.

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A New Home

Published on 21.01.2016

As the game line grows, we decided to move equinox to a shiny new homepage. This site now hosts all previous articles, resources, products descriptions, a new FAQ section and direct links to our Facebook and Google+ communities.

Enjoy and be welcome!