In the dark night of a distant future, the shattered remains of Earth drift through the cold void of space. The shadows of the past have been driven away, and the dark clouds at the horizon appear to be man-made. After the Great Netherwar, which resulted in the destruction of Earth, mankind is restless, scattered across the void, bereft of its cradle.

The Sol system became the last safe hideout for outcasts both mystic and mundane. Known as Vagrants, they are rebels to the oppressive might of the Consortium—the government ruling over what’s left of Earth and its colonies. True freedom can only be found among the stars, the voices of the galactic underground say.

To them, the war isn’t over.

It has only just begun.


Ride hybrid ships through astral space connecting planets and galaxies, wield awesome mystic powers, nethertech relics, and cutting-edge technology! Take on the role of a restless wanderer—someone living on the fringes of galactic society, scraping by in a war-torn system or even stealing other people’s stuff. Whether a misfit, scoundrel, mercenary, pirate, idealist, explorer, or just someone who walked away from his home in search of adventure: you are part of the galactic underground. Fight the nightmares that invaded the universe, start a revolution against the fascistic and corrupted Consortium government and explore space beyond the Veil...

equinox is a future fantasy setting of stunning action, frightening intrigue, and mystical powers, set in a war-ravaged dark future.

Equinox Setting Guide

Published on 21.12.2012

The Equinox Setting Guide is a book of ideas, a condensed description of a much larger universe. This book presents the setting and background of equinox, which you can use for a wide variety of things: as a game world for your favorite roleplaying game system, as inspiration for writing stories, for designing your own board or digital games, or just as a good read for spurring your imagination.

Because this book doesn’t contain any game mechanics (except for some general guidelines you might find useful for adapting the setting), you can adapt it easily as a backdrop for your favorite game system. 


8.5"x8.5" Color Hardcover/Softcover/PDF, 216 pages



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Equinox Match System Guide

Published on 21.12.2014

The Equinox Match System Guide is a roleplaying game of stunning action, frightening intrigue, and mystical powers! Designed for larger-than-life characters with special and extremely powerful abilities, this book provides all the tools needed for adventures in a war-ravaged dark future. The Equinox Setting Guide is required to use this book.


8.5"x8.5" Color Hardcover/Softcover/PDF, 282 pages



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Equinox Storygame Guide

Published on 03.06.2015

The Equinox Storygame Guide features a simple, story-oriented roleplaying game system—your key to stunning action, frightening intrigue, and mystical powers! Designed as a lightweight alternative to the Match System, the Equinox Storygame Guide lets you create exciting stories about powerful mystics in a war-ravaged dark future with a minimum of fuss and preparation. Beyond the Equinox Setting Guide, this book contains everything you need to play!


8.5"x8.5" Color Softcover/PDF, 160 pages



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Equinox Quickstart Set

Published on 27.04.2017

The Equinox Quickstart Set allows you to dive into the world of equinox right away and gain first insights into the setting and game mechanics.

It contains the scenario Pink Mushrooms, sending the group of pregenerated characters into a first adventure.


8.5"x8.5" Color Softcover/PDF, 24 pages



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Patient Zero Adventure Pack

Published on 15.05.2017


The Entwined Serpents has only one mission: discovering the source of a wasting sickness plaguing the Earth Belt. But what is it? A virus? A mystic drug? A biological weapon from ages past?


This terrifying sickness ravages the infected before killing them. Paranoia. Schizophrenia. Extreme aggression. The word is spreading around the Belt—the only safe way to deal with a carrier is to kill them!


Patient Zero is an Adventure Pack set in the Equinox Universe. It contains a description of the medical carrier Entwined Serpents, four sample characters, numerous adventure hooks, and a full-length adventure covering the ship‘s mission to track down both victims of and a possible cure for a mysterious plague.

For use with the Equinox Setting and Match System Guides.


8.5"x8.5" Color Softcover/PDF, 76 pages


Vagrant Station (Fiasco)

Published on 12.05.2017

Who shot first?

You, probably. But instead of flying off into the next big adventure you’re now stuck on this shabby station. You ran out of fuel and the person who was supposed to pay you now lies under that holo-pool table in his own blood. And station security is looking for you. But don’t you worry, you’re best pal already has a foolproof plan in mind to get you both not only off the station, but also filthy rich in the process! All you need to do is convince that hooker to get that other ice-melter’s access card. Then it will all run by itself. Easy.

This Fiasco playset takes you to the far future and out into space. Whether it’s a small, cramped-up space station you create or a vibrant trade-port on an asteroid that even holds an artificial atmosphere, the stories they tell are alike. They aren’t about the exciting adventures of brave starship captains, witty space smugglers, or courageous heroes. Here, tired shift workers, bored prostitutes, and overly ambitious station guards stand in the spotlight. These stories are about their needs, their wants, and their poor decision making.

This playset is an accessory for the Fiasco role-playing game by Bully Pulpit Games, set in the dark future of equinox.


6"x9" PDF, 17 pages


Bits & Pieces Sourcebook

Published on 17.11.2017

“Hello young man. I’ve travelled far: from Belt to belt and beyond.
Do you mind if I sit down with you for a while?

From Belt to belt you say? Be my guest.
Tell me, tired traveler, what have you seen?

The ins and outs of many ships.
The corners and hallways of many stations.

And beyond?
Freedom, my friend: freedom between the stars.”

Common Greeting Ritual among Hitchers

Bits & Pieces is a compilation of articles detailing aspects of the Equinox Universe. Ancient relics, gamemaster characters, adventure hooks, new gear, setting background, and new ideas: this book contains many precious treasures for use in your equinox games.

For use with the Equinox Setting and Match System and Storygame Guides.


8.5"x8.5" Color PDF, 64 pages


In Development

Pirate's Guide—An Equinox Sourcebook

Development - 100%   
Editing - 90%   
   Layout - 0%
   Print Proofing - 0%

Gateway and the Protectorate—An Equinox Sourcebook

Development (on Patreon) - 50%   
Editing - 50%   
   Layout - 0%
   Print Proofing - 0%

Elite Paths—An Equinox Sourcebook

Development (on Patreon) - 60%   
Editing - 60%   
   Layout - 0%
   Print Proofing - 0%