Subspecies: Hokai

Published on 09.05.2017

The mystical forces of the universe have a direct influence on the human genome. Humans born in the presence of a mystic field, which before the invention of mystic field generators meant those born on a planet with a mystic cycle, sometimes belong to a subspecies.

In the Equinox Universe, many different subspecies have arisen and become extinct over the course of history. This article series features the accounts of members of the various subspecies, each discussing his own people. Naturally subjective and colored by individual experience, we picked those holding true to the most common opinion.

The Hokai

—By Kashak Ko’li, Hokai Enforcer for Valis Rahn

The hokai are similar to the haryani in two aspects: we both have slit eyes and we both hail from Haryan II. That is where the similarities end. While our haryani cousins pursue a life of comfort and luxury, we walk a different path. Our culture pays homage to those who have come before us: our ancestors. In order to pay proper tribute, we have foresworn any type of technology. Although complete separation from technology isn’t always possible, hokai make it a point to use as little as possible. There is a phrase that the hokai say: “Koda ki shiki”. The closest translation is, “Life is struggle”. This best describes how the hokai conduct their lives. Our struggles make us stronger, in both spirit and body, and our ancestors approve. No other species can claim such devotion.

“Haryan truly is a back-water system. One subspecies can’t talk enough of themselves, while the other clings to an archaic religion. It is no wonder that the haryani have subjugated these simple-minded brutes.”

—VanSent, Nim Geneticist

Ironically, our haryani cousins play a significant role in our devotion. There are some instances where technology is necessary and the haryani offer us that which we cannot provide. Of course, the haryani offer these goods at exorbitant prices, most of which cannot be paid. As a result, the haryani offer us jobs in which we may pay off our debts.

“More like slave labor.”

—Ssasaar, Kiruan Pilot

Many of these jobs include heavy manual labor, protection, and enforcement. In essence, the haryani are providing a wonderful service; they provide us with struggles, which we must overcome. Many species view us as slow or dim-witted, and because of our beliefs we are naïve and easily manipulated. Is the earth foolish because the wind blows above it? Of course it isn’t, and neither are we. The hokai and the haryani share a symbiotic relationship, which benefits both of our cultures. One cannot exist without the other, no matter what our cousins say.

Hokai practice ritual scarification and tattooing to honor our ancestors, as well as to signify great personal struggles we have overcome. Each decorative scar or tattoo contains a story that only other hokai can read and appreciate. Esteemed elders are covered with scars and tattoos, signifying their struggles and triumphs throughout their lives. Each scar or tattoo represents a significant event in a hokai’s life and should not be taken lightly. The gravest insult one could make to a hokai is to mock his markings. Such an insult will bring swift, and often fatal, retribution. hokai tattoo masters are highly skilled, using not only mundane techniques, but mystical and technological ones as well. Many politicians and members of the upper crust are willing to pay a high price for such artwork.