Subspecies: Kiruan

Published on 13.06.2017

The mystical forces of the universe have a direct influence on the human genome. Humans born in the presence of a mystic field, which before the invention of mystic field generators meant those born on a planet with a mystic cycle, sometimes belong to a subspecies.

In the Equinox Universe, many different subspecies have arisen and become extinct over the course of history. This article series features the accounts of members of the various subspecies, each discussing his own people. Naturally subjective and colored by individual experience, we picked those holding true to the most common opinion.

The Kiruan

—By Krik Nelk, Pilot of the Wyldthorne

Lotsa stuff can be said about us kiruan, most of it bein’ true. Sure, we got a chip the size of a red supergiant on our shoulder, but you would too if ya had to deal with the stuff we do! First off, we’re a bit on the short side. That may not seem like a big deal to ya, but try gettin’ around a ship or a station made fer tall folk. Ain’t that easy, that’s fer sure. Second, we come from a crowded system. Zeyara III is the only place worth livin’ and it’s overrun with people. There are so many people in our system, it’s startin’ to get overrun with stations. That makes life worth spit, if ya take my meanin’. Finally, we got a competitive streak a kilometer long and twice as wide. That ain’t no joke neither—if yer throwin’ the gauntlet, a kiruan is gonna pick it up, simple as that.

“The kiruan subspecies is unique in that they can control the amount of adrenaline in their systems, to a point. Their competitive nature triggers their adrenal glands, increasing the normal output exponentially. This enables an affected Kiruan to perform any task extremely well for a short period of time. It is possible for the kiruan to resist their competitiveness, but this is seldom the case.”

—Doc Bonebreaker, Phobos Rising

Ever heard of the phrase, “Spittin’ teeth”? That sums up what it’s like to make a kiruan mad. We got this reflex where we lock our jaws when we get mad. Because our jaw muscles are so strong, we lose some teeth in the process. Good news is we got plenty more where they came from! Bad news is ya made a kiruan mad at ya. Best run and don’t look back, or get us on the first shot. Ya put all that together and ya get one tough species.

Kiruan are pretty impatient and we’re more than happy to tell ya that. Kinda odd, since we’re one of the longer lived species. We’re all about gettin’ things done quickly. Lotsa people have a problem how it gets done, and what happens while it’s gettin’ done, but at least it gets done! People spend too much time on the little things anyway; we just cut to the chase and move on to the next thing. Yeah, we run on full steam all the time, kinda like a comet. And just like a comet, just stay outta the way and everythin’ will be just fine.

“There are rumors of ancient kiruan, called the Watchers. Supposedly, these individuals are well over 300 years old and have developed a thin skin that stretches from wrist to ankle, presumably for flight. These Watchers apparently lead the kiruan from the shadows, preferring to remain undetected and anonymous. What their true intentions are, no one knows. There has been no definitive proof of their existence, but that has not stopped the curious from seeking them out.”

—Jedah Torvus, Anthropologist