Subspecies: Shanrazi

Published on 19.07.2017

The mystical forces of the universe have a direct influence on the human genome. Humans born in the presence of a mystic field, which before the invention of mystic field generators meant those born on a planet with a mystic cycle, sometimes belong to a subspecies.

In the Equinox Universe, many different subspecies have arisen and become extinct over the course of history. This article series features the accounts of members of the various subspecies, each discussing his own people. Naturally subjective and colored by individual experience, we picked those holding true to the most common opinion.

The Shanrazi

—By Shindar, Vagrant

I have been called many things in my life: villain, scum, criminal, and far worse than that. You know what? I couldn’t care less. The very name of my people makes the “civilized” people of the Consortium blanch with fear, and with good reason. I’ll explain why. We shanrazi are a legacy of the Great Netherwar, a constant reminder of how close mankind came to extinction. We were foot soldiers for the demons, created through their corruption of the mystic energies native to the Sol system. We were bred as perfect soldiers for the demons, malleable like clay to be sculpted as they saw fit.

“All the more reason to root out your kind and destroy them.”

— Garon Tôl, Nim Terminator

I have heard scientists claim that shanrazi DNA proves this, and that even our astral signature is in a state of flux. This doesn’t mean anything to me. What matters is the mark the demons left behind, the signature of their handiwork. Each shanrazi bears the sign of obvious mutation, which probably has something to do with all of the genetic tampering and the demons’ influence. We can’t hide among you or blend into society. Our lives are plagued by prejudice and hatred, while the high and mighty Consortium turns a blind eye to the crimes committed against us. As a result, the majority of shanrazi live throughout the Sol system, along with the rest of the trash of the galaxy. Our homes have been destroyed, our culture incinerated to ash, so it was fairly easy to relocate.

“Culture? Are you serious?”

—Kylor Yambro, VidScribe

Are there different classes of shanrazi? How should I know? And if I did know, why would I tell you? I’m sure you would relate that information to the nearest Consortium outpost as your civic duty, resulting in the continued genocide of my people. It doesn’t really matter to me, so you shouldn’t worry about it either. We are nothing but war criminals, not even categorized as a viable subspecies. Everyone is looking for an excuse to pull the trigger on us, eager to erase our image from their minds. But I’m here to say that we aren’t going anywhere. We are here to stay, no matter how uncomfortable it is for you. I will say this and be done. Remember when I said that people have a good reason to fear us? Well the reason is right in front of you. I am shanrazi. I have no home, no culture, and no chance of redemption. How dangerous does that make me?

“This is what I keep saying. The shanrazi are no longer human. They are a new species, with its individual subspecies.”

—VanSent, Nim Geneticist

“You might say shanrazi are classified by astral or mystical traits rather than physical ones, as a subspecies. While there is a correlation between both for all subspecies, two individuals of a subspecies will look more alike physically than astrally and genetically. Not so for shanrazi.”

—Doc Bonebreaker, Phobos Rising