Subspecies: Yol

Published on 27.09.2017

The mystical forces of the universe have a direct influence on the human genome. Humans born in the presence of a mystic field, which before the invention of mystic field generators meant those born on a planet with a mystic cycle, sometimes belong to a subspecies.

In the Equinox Universe, many different subspecies have arisen and become extinct over the course of history. This article series features the accounts of members of the various subspecies, each discussing his own people. Naturally subjective and colored by individual experience, we picked those holding true to the most common opinion.

The Yol

—By Javra Hadro, Yol Ambassador to Gateway Station

I can sense your trepidation. Why do so many become nervous around a Yolusturian? It is ignorant to think we can read your minds, and it has been proven that we are merely empathic. Sensing one’s feelings is far easier than reading one’s mind. Nevertheless, I shall try to allay your fears and attempt to bring the truth to light.

“Never argue with a Yol. Never attempt logic and reason. They are emotional beings; such concepts just don’t work with them. If you don’t understand women (and I have never met a man that does), you can’t even begin to understand the Yol.”

—Kirash Thorn, Equilibrility

The Yol are native to the planet Yolusture, a world dominated by oceans and very little land mass. This brings us to the first misconception of my people, which is that they are believed to be amphibious. We do have a nictitating membrane that helps us see better in murky waters, but this hardly constitutes breathing underwater. I can sense your confusion. Please, let me finish before you ask questions or jump to conclusions.

Many other species call us alien, due to our empathic ability and our culture. I already know how you will react, but would you be surprised if we thought the same of everyone else? Of course you are. That is because our culture is more open and expressive than the limited communication used by other species. We utilize body language, as well as our empathic abilities when communicating with one another. Much information can be passed between two Yol in this way and it is the preferred way of communication for my people. Other species will say one thing, mean another, and feel a totally different way. Humans are especially guilty of this contradiction and Yol find it to be quite confusing. We also find it confusing that many species cling to the belief that we are telepathic, and as a result find us untrustworthy. It is ironic, when we are the ones who are clear in our feelings.

"Don't believe a word of snakehead's tale. Of course they can read minds, but they don't want you to know. Lies and deception!"

– T’gartis, Rumormonger

And now doubt enters your mind. That is easily erased. No doubt you see the tentacles in place of hair. These tentacles are more than just an extremity unique to my people. They serve as additional sensory organs, allowing me to sense your mood when in close proximity. They are also used in the complex body language we utilize.

“These organs are an example of the rare occurrences where a physical trait mixes with a mystic trait. Mystic Activation of a gene produces both a visible atavistic phenomenon and an ability that relies on mystic energy. Nothing of the sort has been observed in any other human subspecies, it is otherwise limited to mystically activated plants and animals.”

Doc Bonebreaker, Phobos Rising

No matter the unjustified mistrust placed upon my people, there is one thing to which all of the Consortium will admit: no other species matches the engineering and manufacturing of bioware created by the Yol. Our mods are tailor made for each individual for maximum efficiency. The craftsmanship can easily be compared to a piece of art and each mod is unique.