A Word on Print Quality

Published on 06.11.2015

Here are some details on the new hardcovers, now available in both standard color and premium color. We only used premium color before, to get the best product. However, that quality comes with a price.

Standard color books are much cheaper, and (thanks to DTRPG) now have an acceptable level of quality in full color. This is how the results compare!

Both guides as standard color hardcover versions. The covers are glossy (we chose matte for the premium versions). 

The premium hardcover (bottom book on each picture) and the standard one (laying on top). The standard cover is glossy, premium has a matte finish. The standard color book is thinner, because the premium version uses thicker paper. 

A direct comparison of the print quality in the interior. The premium version (top) is much richer and more vibrant. The standard color version still holds up well, though. At DTRPG, there are some more examples: Premium Color vs. Standard Color.