About People and Places

Published on 11.11.2015 by Mikko Göpfert

When picking up a new system and starting a new roleplaying campaign, it’s usually the gamemaster’s responsibility to create the setting within the game world, including its important locations, gamemaster characters, and creatures. The players mostly resort to the creation of their own player characters. Opening this process of creation up to the whole group, however, as described in the People & Places chapter in the Equinox Setting Guide, has a great influence on how you, both the gamemaster and the players, experience the game later.

If you haven’t read said chapter yet I highly recommend it, even if you don’t plan on running an equinox campaign. What it describes can easily be adapted and applied to most other roleplaying games out there. Anyway, here’s a quick overview. 

A Word on Print Quality

Published on 06.11.2015

Here are some details on the new hardcovers, now available in both standard color and premium color. We only used premium color before, to get the best product. However, that quality comes with a price.

Earth Nexus Schematic

Published on 13.08.2014

Here's the Earth Nexus Schematic as presented in the Equinox Setting Guide, an abstract view of the various fold clusters and their relation to Gateway Station and the Earth Belt.

The technical/arcane look was designed by Angus McNicholl. We're thinking about a larger (poster?) version of the schematic, adding all locations of the Earth Belt as well. What do you think?


Art Preview: Illustration Sketches

Published on 06.10.2013

Here are a couple of excerpts from the sketches for the Equinox Setting Guide. These are only roughs--pencil only at the moment, the final versions will be inked and colored. The artist is David Michael Wright, find his homepage here!


Mystical Materials

Published on 12.06.2012

Any discourse on mystic energy would be incomplete without discussing mystical materials. Mystical materials are able to interact with and manipulate mystic energy. As a result they are used in constructing nethertech, enchanting, and other mystical purposes. There are a number of different types of such materials, which formally are: telesmic essence, living tissue, biomechanical metal, and various grades of arcanium. Each of these and their properties and unique attributes will be discussed in turn, but all of them can be used for potent mystical effects and can be quite valuable in their mystically refined states.