So You’ve Seen It All Before

Published on 16.01.2012

You’re no stranger to roleplaying games—anyone who gets a good look at you can tell that. I mean, really—you do know they make t-shirts in colors other than black, right? Whatever. I’m here because I’m pretty sure that you’ve got a pretty serious misconception about Equinox—you think that just because you’ve stuck your nose in a game or two, you know what you’re going to see when you get your hands on this game.

You’re wrong.

The Far Future

Published on 07.01.2012
"In the dark night of a distant future, the shattered remains of Earth drift through the cold void of space. The shadows of the past have been driven away, and the dark clouds at the horizon appear to be man-made. After the Great Netherwar, which resulted in the destruction of Earth, mankind is restless, scattered across the void, bereft of its cradle. The Sol system became the last, safe hideout for outcasts both mystic and mundane. Known as Vagrants, they are rebels to the oppressive might of the Consortium--the government ruling over what's left of Earth and its colonies. True freedom can only be found among the stars, the voices of the galactic underground say. To them, the war isn't over. It has only just begun."

Ride hybrid ships through astral space connecting planets and galaxies, wield awesome mystic powers, nethertech artifacts, and cutting-edge technology! Take on the role of a restless wanderer--someone living on the fringes of galactic society, scraping by in a war-torn system or even stealing other people's stuff. Wether a misfit, scoundrel, mercenary, pirate, idealist, explorer, or just someone who walked away from his home in search of adventure: you are part of the galactic underground. Fight the nightmares that invaded the universe, start a revolution against the fascistic and corrupted Consortium government and explore space beyond the Veil ...

Equinox is a future fantasy game of stunning action, frightening intrigue, and mystical powers, set in a war-ravaged dark future. This article intends to sweeten the wait and give you a glimpse of what the game will hold for you!